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Inventory weaponsystems Air Force South-Africa

Air Force    
A-109LUH MB-326M Impala I MB-326K Impala II
Cheetah C/D Oryx Hawk Mk 120
Super King Air 200 Boeing 707-328C Boeing 737-7ED BBJ
208 Caravan C-212 CN-235
AH-2A Rooivalk 185A/D/E Skywagon 550/551 Citation II
C-47TP Turbo Dakota DC-3/C-47 Dakota III & IV Falcon 50
BK117A C-130B/F Hercules Falcon 900B
PC-6 Porter PC-7 PC-12
Alouette III JAS 39C/D Gripen Super Lynx


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Last updated: August 17, 2010